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[Software Engineer,
Full-Stack Developer]

I design backend/database architecture + frontend UI/UX and develop full-stack web/mobile applications. I'm strong in JavaScript Full-Stack. My CS degree and work experience made me a software engineer that can learn whatever required and design, develop, test, and deploy software.


JavaScript/Node.js, Groovy, Java, Python, C++, C, HTML/CSS


Express.js, React.js, React Native, Redux, Grails, MongoDB, Flask, Bootstrap, Bulma


Git, Unix/Linux, AWS, Heroku, Firebase, WordPress, Wix, Postman, Twilio, IntelliJ, Visual Studio, Figma, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Unity, Blender


I like to work in projects with novel ideas, ideas that solve a real problem in the market using technology, innovation, and collaboration. I have worked and currently working on multiple startup projects where I contribute to developing the business model, conduct market research, product development, branding, and marketing. Meanwhile, I do freelancing as a side hustle.


Lean business model, Continuous and Agile product development methodologies, Analytic and data-driven market research strategies, Project management(Agile)


ChimeIn, EQHire, LKdetour

My Recent Projects


EQHire is a recruiting platform where recruiters can automate phone interviews using a voice bot and pre-verify candidate backgrounds.

Tech Stack:
JavaScript/Node.js, Express.js, React.js, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Ant Design, Micro Services, AWS, Twilio Voice, SendGrid, Docker

Web App


ChimeIn is an innovative freelance marketplace where freelancers can team up with other freelancers and collaboratively work on projects.

Tech Stack:
JavaScript/Node.js, Express.js, React.js, Redux, HTML/CSS, Bulma, Heroku, Mailchimp API, Braintree API

Web App

Isolation Game AI Agent

A strategy board game called “The Isolation Game” with an opponent being an AI agent built using a game tree and a static evaluation function.

Tech Stack:
JavaScript/Node.js, React.js, HTML/CSS, Game Tree, AI game agent

Web App GitHub Repo Paper

Warehouse System

A warehouse system built from scratch using an MVC architecture which allows the user to conduct basic warehouse operations.

Tech Stack:
Java, MVC

GitHub Repo

Mass Extinction Genetic Algorithm

An extended genetic algorithm which uses mass extinction events to improve algorithmic efficiency.

Tech Stack:
Python, Evolutionary Algorithms, Heuristic Search, AI, Optimization

GitHub Repo Paper

Current Temperature

A simple web interface to display the accurate current temperature of a city.

Tech Stack:
JavaScript/Node.js, React.js, HTML/CSS, OpenWeatherMap API

Web App GitHub Repo

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